So long, Viv

…And thanks for all the lentils!

So, Mike “Viv” Verdino (bass/vocals) has moved to Florida. We plan to jam with him, and hopefully record some Hutch stuff next time he’s in the New York area, but for now it’s see you later.

Viv has played more gigs with For the Hutch than any other bass player (six different people, including me, have played bass as a member of the band). His first was at an outdoor concert in Battery Park City in 2010. He also played bass on the entire “Camouflage Halo” EP and appears as drummer on “Beer = Dude (1997 demo).”

The latter, by the way, was recorded by Viv and my high school band The Cake Eaters. I knew the dude since kindergarten and we jammed for years in high school and through college. It was pretty cool reuniting in Hutch and even jamming on some songs like “Beer = Dude” again.

I hate Viv. He’s mainly a guitar player and pianist, but he picked up bass because we needed a guy and he turned out to be really good at that, too: Damn him! Did I mention he’s a really good songwriter too? I’ll link his stuff if I remember to ask him. Anyway, huzzah to Viv.

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