2017 plans

Hey folks, we’re planning on doing a bunch of recordings before year’s end, although not sure when they’ll come out and in what format.

We don’t have plans to book any gigs at the moment due to family commitments and other work but we’re planning to aim to do some stuff hopefully in 2018, or at earliest late 2017. We’re expecting to make the recordings our priority though.

Come back here for updates.

Roster move!

“Die Hard Liam” McKiernan will be moving to bass/vocals. Liam has been Hutch’s drummer since 2013 and played every show we’ve done since.

John “Rumbles” is back as drummer. Johnny retired from playing live with Hutch in 2010, but he’s continued to record in the studio with us here and there since. (When John has come back, Liam has picked up guitar and vocal duties and moved aside).

No shows are planned at the moment, but in the not-so-far future we may book one. Some recordings with the new lineup are likely in the next year.


Mark solo debut

I’ve played in a band pretty much regularly since I was 15 years old and I never once played an unaccompanied set. That is, until Aug. 10 at Mr. Beery’s in East Rockaway. It was a good time, I played some Hutch tunes as well as some Ramones covers and a song by the band The Queers. Here’s a photo:

Mark Intentionally

Mark Intentionally

Sunday, Hutchy Sunday

Say Hey! Thanks everyone that came out to our show at Trash Bar in Williamsburg last night. It was a sweaty good time with free PBR in the 8 p.m. hour. Say Hey! Did I say that already?

Anyway, here’s a pic. Come around hang out again soon.

Joe, Mark, Liam, Mike

Joe, Mark, Liam, Mike