Camouflage Halo EP

Released: March 15, 2016

Songs: Camouflage Halo, I Didn’t Like Him That Much Anyway, You’re Gonna Regret Being You, Cleveland, Lindsay Lohan (I Wanna Do Illegal Shit With You), Bob Sheppard Blues

Notes: Hutch’s first “official” release of all-new music in five years.

Produced by Tom Rosato and Stevie Z

Lineup: Mark Intentionally (vocals/guitar), Joey Balls (lead guitar), Mike “Viv” Verdino (bass/vocals), “Die Hard Liam” McKiernan (guitar/vocals; drums/vocals songs 3,4,6) and Johnny Rumbles (drums/vocals on songs 1,2,5)


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Say Hey! Live From Yonkers

Released: July 22, 2013For The Hutch LIve album cover

Songs: Poor Heidi (Live), That Girl Ain’t 914 (Live), Dana (Live), Dancing With Myself (Live), Viagra Falls (Live), 500-Year Diary (Live), Voodude (Live), I Believe in Miracles (Live), Marshmallow (Live), She’s an Alien (Live), Bermuda Love Triangle (Live), Beer Equals Dude (Live), No Need (Live), Free Political Prisoner Paul Marachi (Live), Everybody Wants Some! (Live)

Notes: Recorded live August 2010 at Barney McNabb’s in Yonkers, N.Y.

Produced by Tom Rosato

Lineup: Mark Intentionally (vocals/guitar), Johnny Rumbles (drums/percussion/vocals), Joey Balls (lead guitar), Stevie Z (bass)
With: Kenny “the Chef” Austria, Mike “Viv” Verdino and Dan Dellicap – guest vocals



More of the Same, Vol. 1

Released: March 15, 2011more-of-the-same-vol-1

Side A: Poor Heidi, Beer Equals Dude, Voodude, Super Glue, Dana, Keep it Clean

Side B: Introduction to the Opposites, Squirrel Afternoon (instrumental), Surrogate Mofo, The Party’s Over/Poor Heidi Reprise, Beer Equals Dude (1997 Cake Eaters demo version), Bermuda Love Triangle (2006 acoustic demo)

Notes: CD version included the songs “Che Peccato” and “Unironic (In and Out and In Your Head)” which were replaced on digital version by demoes of “Beer Equals Dude” and “Bermuda Love Triangle.”

Produced by Stevie Z and Tom Rosato (bonus tracks produced by Joe “Pain” Hone II and Dan Walsh, respectively)

Lineup: Mark Intentionally (vocals/guitar), Johnny Rumbles (drums/percussion), Joey Balls (lead guitar)
With: Stevie Z (Bass), Capt. Tom Rosato (bass/piano/vocals), Jon Ruckus (bass/vocals), Brock (bass), Mike “Viv” Verdino (drums) and Ian “Kid” Kane (vocals)



Demo: The Album

Released: Jan. 19, 2008demo-the-album

Side A: Free Political Prisoner Paul Marachi, Opposite Tuesday, That Girl Ain’t 914, Bermuda Love Triangle, 500-Year Diary, Viagra Falls, No Need

Side B: She’s an Alien, Marshmallow, Attack of the Purple Stuff, I’m Your Density, Revenge of the Purple Stuff

Notes: Collecting a bunch of demoes over the years.

Produced by Stevie Z and Tom Rosato

Lineup: Mark Intentionally (vocals/guitar), Johnny Rumbles (drums/percussion/vocals), Joey Balls (lead guitar)
With: Stevie Z (bass), Dave “Muzz” Metcalfe (bass/acoustic guitar), Capt. Tom Rosato (piano/keyboard/vocals), Scully (lead guitar), John Galgano Esq. (bass), Rachel “O.J.” Black (vocals) and Jon Ruckus (backup vocals)